Imagine Technology for a Healthy Bank Branch

In banking, digital channels have not replaced the need for retail branches. A recent study cites that customers are over 60 percent more likely to be retail-branch users if they use online banking more than once a week.

Within the financial services sector, customer loyalty starts with the trust that the branch will always be there to provide customer service and account service. Financial institutions can’t afford branch-level outages. The pressure is always on to ensure that your customers have an outstanding experience every time they visit the local bank branch.

Introducing the Self Healing Branch, a technology built for improving customer experience, operational efficiency and productivity. Self healing technology keeps bank branches up and running by resolving technology issues without employee intervention.


Self Healing Branch Features

Icon: Predictive

Predictive, proactive & automated

Icon: Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts

Icon: Multi platform

Multi platform support with seamless integration

Icon: Self Help Tools

Single click self help tools for user

Icon: Safe & Secure

Safe & secure SaaS and on premise model

Branch Transformation at Its Best

Branch Transformation at Its Best

Powered by CompuCom®, the Self Healing Branch is an automated service that keeps branch technology up and running by monitoring device, application and network performance in real time. Engineered to drive continuity, the Self Healing Branch lets banks focus on the customer, not on technology challenges.

Leveraging CompuCom’s ASCEND® Digital Platform, the Self Healing Branch automatically detects and resolves issues, outages and failures before they impact employees or disrupt business, decreasing issue resolution from hours – or even days – down to minutes, saving significant time and money.

Technology for a Healthy Bank Branch

Minimize Costs and Risks

Whether device failure, application error, network connectivity issues or operating system errors, the Self Healing Branch “detect and diagnose” protocol pinpoints the exact issue and automatically taking actions to fix the issue.

The Self Healing Branch minimizes the needless replacement of parts and expensive technician visits. If components need to be replaced, the Self Healing Branch automatically dispatches a technician with the right parts and tools to ensure the problem is quickly fixed after the initial call.


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