Achieving Digital Transformation

IT departments require a transformation platform to help them elevate end-user experiences and business outcomes.

The contract between the IT department and the end user, between the IT department and the business, and even between the IT department and technology itself has changed dramatically. In particular, the traditional approach to IT support no longer reflects today’s business environment. There are three sources of this disconnect.

First, end users have become accustomed to the speed, ease of use and accessibility of the technology they use at home. They now demand an empowering and enriching consumer  experience from the technology they consume at the office. They aren’t satisfied with existing IT support, and their satisfaction and productivity suffer as a result. As Gartner® puts it, “we are at the dawn of a new era of IT deployment styles, one that we call the era of consumer-led IT.”

Second, business needs IT to become more predictive, more agile and more cost effective in support of digital business agendas. Across every industry, organizations are pursuing digital transformation. IDC® defines digital transformation as “leveraging digital competencies to innovate new business models, products and services that seamlessly blend digital and physical.” The status quo of traditional IT services and support is no longer fast enough, flexible enough or engaging enough to respond to the digital imperative.

Finally, rising technical complexity and device diversity require both broader and deeper skills across the IT life cycle. As CompTIA® notes, “industries across the U.S. economy have ramped up their investment in internal software development, IT support, cybersecurity, data analytics and related skills." But investment in manual processes won’t be enough.The proliferation of devices and applications alone makes it extremely challenging for technicians to deliver the right level of support without the help of automation.

The CompuCom ASCEND digital platform positions organizations to achieve their strategic goals through measurable improvement in end-user experiences. By design, CompuCom ASCEND is designed for action — that action being to directly address IT’s role in digital enablement.

Achieving Digital Transformation

Achieving Digital Transformation
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