Achieving Unified Oversight of Your Mission-critical IT Infrastructure

Big Data, cloud, mobility, social interaction: These mutually reinforcing trends place the network at the center of the enterprise. But because of the size and complexity of their operations, many organizations struggle to manage their networks effectively. An overburdened IT department expends significant resources simply staying afloat, with limited ability to respond to rapid change or focus on financial and operational impacts. Given these inherent challenges, how can you better manage complexity, drive strategic success and position your network operations for innovation and growth?

Every organization has a network. For large enterprises, midsize companies and small businesses alike, the network is the foundation of all operations — the bridge that binds together employees and connects with customers. Moreover, as data becomes pervasive, workers become more mobile, and everyone becomes more digitally empowered, the network’s importance is only growing.

The trouble is many organizations lack the human and financial resources to effectively manage the network. This is true for small businesses with limited IT departments, midsize organizations grappling with budgetary constraints and large enterprises facing rapid market change.

The IT department would be the first to admit this reality. It’s not for lack of skills or desire. Rather, IT increasingly must enable strategic business initiatives, respond to rapid technology change and empower demanding end users. And, it must achieve this within tight budgetary restrictions.

These factors become a particular issue in the face of network problems — hardware outages, performance slowdowns, network downtime. IT scrambles to react, while vendors and service providers point fingers. Network hardware vendors look to blame the circuit. Telecom carriers say the problem must lie with the routers or switches. Meanwhile, business grinds to a halt — with measurable monetary, competitive and customer service repercussions.

The solution is straightforward, but for many organizations it has been difficult to achieve. What’s needed is a single point of accountability for network effectiveness. And, given the constraints of nearly all IT organizations that means working with a managed services provider. By identifying and working with the service provider that’s the best fit for your enterprise, you can make sure IT becomes a strategic partner of the business — and that the network becomes an enabler of your success.

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Achieving Unified Oversight of Your Mission-critical IT Infrastructure

Achieving Unified Oversight of Your Mission-critical IT Infrastructure Thought Paper
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