Anti-Malware as a Service

Modernize your security to identify threats before they become problems

Successful malware attacks can be crippling to any organization. Attacks implanting malware into an otherwise-legitimate software package are on the rise, as is Mobile Malware, with the number of variants increasing by 54 percent in 2018.1

Blocking malware attacks on business networks and devices is harder as more workplaces want the flexibility of bring-your-own device and mobile technology.

Unparalleled Protection for Your business

CompuCom® Anti-Malware as a Service (AMaaS) combines Cisco® Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) with our 30 years of experience in managed services to ensure total support and eliminate threats.

  • Cisco’s best-in-class anti-malware
  • Installation, monitoring, support, and remediation2
  • Single, low monthly price
  • Scalable for the enterprise
  • Cost Savings and efficiencies

Internal IT teams spend more and more time battling today’s advanced malware. CompuCom’s Anti-Malware as a Service means fewer tools for technology teams to manage, and frees them up to focus on important strategic projects. AMaaS provides the protection for the multitude of varied endpoints in today’s untethered digital workplace - all for a single, low monthly price.

What's included:

  • Cisco’s best-in-class anti-malware product
  • Service setup and customer service dashboard
  • Security Operations Center monitoring services
  • Daily security event analysis with recommended responses
  • Weekly security report to track and analyze threats and vulnerabilities

Also available:

Benefit from the capability of 24/7 monitoring and remediation services when purchased with our Endpoint Management Service. Monitoring helps protect against threats in real time, and remediate issues on non-compliant devices.

Prevent Breaches Before they Happen

Protect your business from a potentially enormous cost in money, time, and reputation from a malware attack. Detect and contain threats that infiltrate your front-line defenses ̶ without bogging down the system with a heavyweight application that impacts network efficiency ̶ and leverage a cost-effective solution for small, medium, and large enterprise companies in any industry.

AMaaS Features

  • Comprehensive global threat intelligence: Using Cisco AMP, AMaaS combines the industry’s largest collection of real-time threat intelligence with the broadest visibility, the largest footprint, and the ability to put it into action across multiple security platforms.
  • Scalable and cost-effective: With AMaaS, clients can scale up or down as much as necessary and pay a low, per-device monthly fee per endpoint. This powerful model is applicable to both enterprise and SMB customers.
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive application: AMaaS is provided through a lightweight connector on client endpoints to prevent extensive use of network processing power, meaning that customers benefit from the power of best-in-class malware protection without sacrificing device performance.

Anti-Malware as a Service

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