Beating the High Cost of Retail Technology Downtime

Retailers all know about the high cost of downtime. A point-of-sale interruption, for example, causes a business to suffer a 4 - 5 percent average revenue loss every minute. Add to that mobile devices, digital signage, credit card processing devices, handheld devices, printers, scanners….every device failure causes revenue loss.

But the real costs may be much higher. Downtime can translate into slow checkout lines, and customer satisfaction is often the first casualty. An estimated 1 in 3 shoppers will abandon their carts and leave the store if forced to wait more than 5 minutes - and some will never return.

Traditional approaches to addressing downtime miss the mark for most retailers. They can be labor-intensive and expensive - and costs continue to rise. Worse, once a service call is placed, there can be significant delays while triage is performed and an issue diagnosed. In many cases, the next step is the dispatch of replacement parts - often with a 4 hour or next business day window. Retailers simply cannot wait that long for problem resolution. And, your customers will not wait.

Introducing the Self Healing Store™, from CompuCom®, a technology solution built for the customer experience and for store operational efficiency. Designed specifically for retailers, the Self-Healing Store is an intelligent automated service that keeps your instore technology up and running, so your business operates smoothly.

By monitoring your in-store device performance, the Self-Healing Store automatically detects and resolves issues, outages, and failures. Predictive and proactive, the solution fixes issues before they impact employees or disrupt business, which saves you time and money.

But, most importantly, the Self-Healing Store prevents technology from becoming a roadblock along your customer’s path to conversion. Now, store associates can focus on what matters most - your customer’s experience.

Beating the High Cost of Retail Technology Downtime

Beating the High Cost of Retail Technology Downtime
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