CompuCom Mobile Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T

Stop Overspending and Under Utilizing; Get the Right Wireless Rate Plan for the Right Device

Cloud services enable significant smartphones, tablets and wearables allow people to accomplish more on the go than ever before. With expanded capabilities, however, come increasingly high expectations. Mobile end users demand to consume virtualized services and resources with maximum agility and speed, and organizations are expected to deliver. The pressure is on IT to integrate the broad spectrum of mobile devices available on the market into the network, without compromising performance or security. Not only is it challenging to manage the device lifecycle in a complex multivendor environment, but it’s expensive as most devices are not on cost-efficient wireless plans.

CompuCom Mobile Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T can attach price-competitive rate plans to individual devices. To help you stretch your budget even further, we also offer Telecom Expense Management services that include monthly audits and quarterly optimization services. By combining wireless from AT&T with our exceptional technology management expertise, we’re able to provide a best-of-class, single-source, reasonably priced solution. You’ll receive the reliable, innovative mobile experience your end users expect and the inherent security and governance policies smart business practices demand. Mobile Access delivers flexible, cost-effective rate plans to meet your specific needs, allowing you to enjoy significant discounts without annual commitment requirements. Plus, we offer equally affordable plans for upgrading devices and replacing damaged or lost devices.

With Mobile Access, you can:

  • Align the proper plan to each device to minimize costs.
  • Monitor service usage by device to ensure optimal plan efficiency.
  • Reduce the complexity of your mobile environment.
  • Quickly adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Get consistent, expert direction throughout every stage of the device life cycle.
  • Enjoy the stability and peace-of-mind of an integrated, single-source solution.

A Powerful Collaboration
Now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — AT&T wireless service at significant savings combined with CompuCom’s high quality, responsive service. CompuCom’s solid reputation and deep mobility experience along with AT&T’s network deliver the mobile choices that will keep your business and end users focused on growth.

CompuCom Mobile Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T

CompuCom Mobile Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T Fact Sheet Thought Paper
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