CompuCom Wireless Failover Solution Overview

Continuous Business Connectivity

Customer Engagement In Retail

Today’s customers expect an in-store experience as rich and personalized as online shopping. Retailers are leveraging more engagement technologies like Wi-Fi, interactive signage, endless aisle, clienteling, digital coupons, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and self-service POS. Continual internet connectivity is critical. Just a few minutes of downtime disrupts transactions and land-lines are constantly at risk. The CompuCom Wireless Failover solution can help you maintain a seamless customer experience.

Land-Line Risk

Typical land-line providers promise about 99.5 percent uptime. That’s still about 22 hours of downtime per year. Construction accidents, animal damage, vehicle accidents and weather events can sever the main line. Even redundant lines are not enough to assure your ability to conduct business; they often run in the same conduit as the primary line.


The Standish Group put the cost of POS downtime at $4,700 per minute, and Gartner® estimates it at $5,600 per minute. That’s 22 hours of average downtime in a year for each of your stores. When adding up lost transactions and lost employee productivity, it can be quite costly.


Customers don’t blame the internet for poor service. It’s an indictment of your brand. Customers lose patience quickly. Frustration builds within two and a half minutes. One in three customers will leave in five minutes. Disgruntled customers tell 17 friends and family and 45 percent post negative comments on social media.

The Cost of Connections to New Locations

The cost of installing circuits in some locations can be prohibitive. Retailers are often responsible for the cost of bringing lines into the building from the termination point outside the facility. It can involve trenching, cabling and repairs. There is a solution and CompuCom makes it easy and affordable.

CompuCom Wireless Failover Solution Overview

Wireless Failover
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