Converged Infrastructure Solutions

How is your data center going to evolve over the next few years? What skills and processes will you need to support it? And, what is the best way to move from “siloed operations” to “single pane of glass” management?

Many organizations report that as much as 70 percent of their IT budgets and resources are used to support and maintain their existing systems. And the more silos, the more tools are needed—and the more time and resources are spent. Sadly, this reality translates into inefficient data centers with poor utilization rates and unacceptable service delivery and response times. Fortunately, converged infrastructure offers a solution that meets these challenges.

Converged infrastructure is a reference architecture–based solution made up of servers, storage, networking, and virtualization software components that are all typically pre-integrated as a packaged solution to function as a platform for server or desktop virtualization. They integrate with management software that automates server configuration and provisioning in order to simplify the administration and support of complex infrastructure components. A converged infrastructure can also be a platform on which a private cloud is deployed and is typically recommended as an initial step for organizations that are planning a private cloud deployment.

Organizations of all sizes find that a converged infrastructure offers many benefits over the old way of purchasing server, storage, networking, and virtualization technologies from multiple vendors and on different refresh/upgrade cycles and budgets and then trying to integrate them and manage multiple support agreements.

CompuCom’s Converged Infrastructure Solution optimizes time-to-value and enables our clients to rapidly provision and configure virtual servers and their underlying infrastructure to deploy applications in minutes or hours versus weeks or months.

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Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Converged Infrastructure Solutions Thought Paper
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