Customer Care Services

Meeting the Highest Service Expectations

Today’s tech-savvy end users expect to have seamless, 24/7 access to the workplace from wherever they are, and from whatever devices they choose. As a result, IT is under pressure to provide a consumer-like support experience for bring your own device (BYOD) employees. This requires IT to master an incredible variety of devices and applications sufficiently to help optimize the end-user experience, and to resolve service issues quicker than ever. If they’re unable to meet those expectations, end users won’t hesitate to turn elsewhere, presenting IT with a new level of integration and security challenges.

CompuCom can help you deliver personalized end-user support services across multiple engagement channels for a consistent, exceptional end-user experience. Through our Customer Care Services, your end users can initiate personal-touch interactions with skilled agents who are uniquely matched to specific business personas and requirements. Customer Care Services are designed to speed issue resolution, improve end-user productivity, and lower overall support costs.

Our Customer Care Services transform support into an immersive, personalized B2C experience that’s consistent across all channels, including our portal, Solution Café walk-up service centers, and Customer Care Centers. In addition, CompuCom Customer Care Services integrate with our complete suite of Service Experience Management solutions to help you provide a reinvented, personalized service experience that speeds resolution time, optimizes end-user productivity, and reduces overall support costs.

With CompuCom Customer Care Services, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve end-user satisfaction through enhanced, persona-based interactions
  • Speed issue resolution
  • Optimize end-user productivity
  • Provide a more consistent, personalized service experience across the entire technology life cycle, any channel, anytime, and anywhere
  • Reduce your total cost of support through optimized service delivery and service automation
  • Better understand IT costs and ROI by centralizing sanctioned IT and BYOD costs for hardware, software, subscriptions, and support

Customer Care Services

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