Design Thinking Fact Sheet

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies overlook a critical factor, the User Experience (UX), which has a significant impact on how organizations conduct business internally and how they meet customer needs successfully. Products and services must be efficient, cost effective, and aligned to business needs. However, unless your project meets end-user needs and contributes to a superior and delightful experience, the end result is likely to be under-utilized, leaving customers’ needs and sales goals unmet. Empathizing with end users to understand their needs and then reframing the problem and potential solutions to meet those needs, has emerged as a new requirement.

CompuCom® empowers clients with an innovative Design Thinking framework that helps you empathize with your end users, reframe problems, develop new insights, and rapidly prototype solutions that create measurable value.

We use collaboration and creative problem-solving techniques to build game-changing output that drives brand loyalty and customer retention. These outcomes often result in completely new solutions that become strategic competitive advantages, propelling companies that use Design Thinking to the forefront of their industries.

Human-centered design is at the core of Design Thinking:

  • Begins with user requirements
  • Minimizes the risks and uncertainties of innovation
  • Provides a series of prototypes that help you learn, test and refine concepts rapidly
  • Develops products and services based on real-world iterations and user feedback rather than historical data and market research

...In short, it’s a better way to achieve business outcomes.

Design Thinking Fact Sheet

Design Thinking Brochure
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