Device as a Service Overview

Better than Buying, More than Leasing

Enterprise Devices for Today’s Technology Driven World

The workplace is changing. Over the course of a typical day employees use several devices to be more productive. Whether they’re writing a report on their laptop in the office, taking a meeting on their smartphone on the road, or checking the latest analytics data on their tablet at a local coffee shop, technology plays a vital role in ensuring they can communicate, collaborate, and get their work done.

This drive toward technology has placed increased pressure on IT departments to not only provide the latest and greatest devices, but also to manage, maintain, support, and eventually dispose of them as well. As IT budgets tighten and the role of IT shifts from operational to strategic, the day-to-day management of potentially tens of thousands of devices across the enterprise can be a huge burden that takes valuable IT resources away from other strategic initiatives.

Fortunately, a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model can overcome many of these challenges while also greatly improving the end-user experience. With DaaS, companies’ can gain access to the right devices for their business, reduce the burden on IT, and simplify their asset management processes all while reducing the total cost of ownership compared to leasing or buying the hardware outright.

Device as a Service Overview

Device as a Service
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