Digital Engagement Solutions Fact Sheet

Exceptional Customer Engagement and Business Value for Clients

End users want broader access to information, innovative solutions and faster, simpler ways of getting to and using the information, applications and business solutions they need to be productive. And because the end-user experience has become the most important point of differentiation, IT departments are under pressure to provide those services through an accessible, consumer-like interface. Single-function portals are costly and complex to develop and maintain, and they don’t provide the broader level of visibility that business management demands. The ultimate challenge is finding a way to provide personalized access to critical functions and content in a cost-efficient and secure manner.

CompuCom® offers an “easy to choose, easy to use” experience delivered via a personalized portal that reinvents how your end users interact with their applications, devices, services, subscriptions and support channels. CompuCom Digital Engagement Solutions combine the horsepower of a B2B engine with the elegance of a B2C design to deliver enterprise-class user services with a personalized, consumer-like experience.

Our Digital Engagement Solutions deliver multidimensional, personalized portals that leverage a customer-centric B2C model. As a result, we’re able to extend persona-enabled, end-user experience automation across all interaction channels. This offering integrates with our complete suite of Service Experience Management solutions to help you provide a reinvented, personalized service experience that speeds resolution time, optimizes end-user productivity and reduces overall support costs.

With CompuCom Digital Engagement Solutions, you can:

  • Optimize end-user productivity and performance.
  • Enhance the customer experience across the full technology life cycle.
  • Strike a balance between enterprise technology policy and personal choice.
  • Gain insight into your IT ecosystem through unprecedented analytical capabilities.
  • Reduce support costs by enabling customer and employee self-service.
  • Centralize user and technology costs and improve visibility into spend versus value.

Digital Engagement Solutions Fact Sheet

Digital Engagement Solutions Fact Sheet
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