Enabling Deskside Manageability and Productivity

The CompuCom ClientLink® EU-Orchestrator Powered by Intel® vPro™ Technology

There is no question that today’s enterprise IT faces escalated demands—from supporting a mobile workforce and multiple platforms to security compliance and the data explosion. Deskside support technologies, management, and repairs are a significant draw on IT budgets. Efficiency, interoperability, power management, and support are paramount. The cost of productivity losses is high. Intel offers advanced technology that can help improve deskside management, simplify workforce support, and enhance data security. CompuCom has the expertise to streamline integration and deliver enhanced manageability and capabilities for cost-effective IT.

Solution at a Glance
The CompuCom ClientLink® EU-Orchestrator is a combination of tools that allows any support-related personnel, such as service desk agents and network administrators, to take control of a remote client’s device—and perform a variety of hardware and software diagnostics and repair without a physical deskside support visit. It allows for quick and remote resolution of deskside issues, improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services. With the EU-Orchestrator, it’s easy for IT to set up and manage the system, reducing the need for extensive help desk training and dispatching of technical resources, and dramatically speeding resolution times. In fact, training and orientation times for the EU-Orchestrator can be as little as 30 minutes; thereby dramatically reducing agent training time and increasing effectiveness.

Intel® vPro™ technology1 is a set of security and manageability capabilities built into the latest Intel® Core® vPro processor family, Intel® chipsets, and network adaptors. It provides an added layer of security protection including threat management (protection from rootkits, viruses, malware, etc.); identity and website access point protection, confidential personal and business data protection; and remote and local monitoring, remediation, and repair of PCs and workstations. Because Intel vPro technology is embedded in hardware, its capabilities can be accessed and administered separately from the hard drive, the operating system, and software applications—in a pre-boot environment.

The comprehensive EU-Orchestrator and Intel vPro technology solution offers:

  • Remote diagnostic and repair: Resolve PC problems from console managed by CompuCom’s Service Desk, even if the PC is powered off, in standby, connected to WiFi*, or has a disabled OS
  • Automated alerts: Identify issues in advance, such as disabled software, hard drive health, and memory usage
  • Secure remote power up and power cycling: Perform scheduled maintenance, backups, and monitoring
  • Encrypted, remote security updates and remote access tracking: Even if systems are off or down

Enabling Deskside Manageability and Productivity

Enabling Deskside Manageability and Productivity Thought Paper
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