Finding a Strategic Advantage with Retail IT

How optimizing IT assets can be a big win

Retail has become a highly competitive industry, with retailers doing everything they can to attract and retain customers. With a steady rise in competition from both physical and digital channels, margins are being squeezed to the breaking point as customers have more choices, and information, than ever before.

At the same time, customers go into stores with high expectations that are increasingly being driven by technology. In-store tablets, mobile POS systems, video kiosks and digital displays are increasingly becoming the norm as retailers try to reimagine the customer experience. These new technologies have forced retailers to expand their IT budget and develop strategies to refresh existing stores or open new ones, all with the goal of driving revenue growth.

Customers have higher expectations than ever before. Retail IT can become a competitive advantage that builds stronger, loyal customer relationships.

This paper will examine how retailers can take a strategic approach to IT to turn their IT infrastructure into a competitive advantage, not just a cost center. It will identify four common issues retailers need to avoid during the procurement, deployment, implementation and maintenance phases of an IT refresh project, and explain how these challenges can be overcome.

Real-world examples of successfully implemented retail IT projects will be provided to show how these retailers have already benefited from taking a strategic approach to IT. Because when it comes to an investment like this, it’s critically important that retailers get it right.

Finding a Strategic Advantage with Retail IT

PDF: Finding a Strategic Advantage with Retail IT
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