The Global Workspace Alliance

User-Focused Solutions for Today’s Global Workforce Needs

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive business climate, organizations must be many things at once: agile, operationally efficient, innovative and intensely focused on satisfying their customers’ needs. To top it off, international organizations face an additional challenge: to not only capitalize and leverage the global enterprise, but also to deliver optimized regional service with a clear understanding of local preferences, regulations and culture.

In this context, employees play a key role in their company’s success, and the workspace – that physical or virtual environment where they perform their day-to-day tasks – is their main platform for achieving it. This workspace should enable them to operate in a secure manner and without disruption, regardless of their location or device of choice.

With this in mind, we have created the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA), bringing together experienced and forward-thinking IT providers with a passion for global business.

Our mission is to support global companies as they transition toward an increasingly mobile, connected, and secure global workspace environment, enabling them to achieve their objectives by empowering satisfied and efficient employees.

Featuring proactive support and tailored, user-focused solutions, our service portfolio contributes to the productivity and satisfaction of our clients’ employees – providing them with the customized tools that enable them to deliver the best possible service, both internally to the business and externally to their customers.

The Global Workspace Alliance

The Global Workspace Alliance Thought Paper
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