The Global Workspace Alliance 2.0

A New Star in the Global Services Marketplace

Dr. Katy Ring, Director of Global Infrastructure Research from analyst firm 451 Research, published this ‘First Take’ analysis on the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA) launch event in Paris, on September 9, 2015.

The GWA 2.0 is a strategic alliance created by leading partners CompuCom and Getronics, and consists of 11 member companies located in the key regions across the global to deliver services to clients who are, or desire to be, global. 

The 451 Take
Business users typically carry multiple devices, and the majority of employees access corporate data from their own devices. In response, the GWA is offering a proactive single point of accountability for its customers with end users across the world. The GWA is committed to providing next-gen workspace services such as Persona Portal Services and Solution Cafés, along with an integrated ITSM system so that tickets can be managed within the GWA from a single pane of glass. As a federation of regional players, it can provide a global focus blended with local expertise and culture. Its structure also means that it can offer contract flexibility in the various local markets. Some customers will like this, while others will want to deal with a single global legal entity. Nevertheless, the GWA is transitioning its scope and reach, and in so doing, is helping to define the global support services landscape.

The Global Workspace Alliance 2.0

The Global Workspace Alliance 2.0 Thought Paper
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