Healthcare Solutions Fact Sheet

Healthcare is being transformed by information technology. Providers and patients leverage new mobile solutions to improve care. Rapidly growing information streams create pressing needs for data storage. Cybersecurity is top of mind as hospitals manage more data and cyberthreats increase dramatically. 

CompuCom® understands these complexities. Our Healthcare Solutions enable new capabilities such as:

  • Cost-effectively delivering secure mobile devices that integrate with clinician workflows.
  • Empowering patients with mobile access to health information.
  • Deploying a “single pane of glass” at the bedside for clinicians and patients.
  • Serving a growing elderly population with easy-to-use technology tools.
  • Improving patient and clinician experience through telehealth options.
  • Keeping pace with rising data storage needs for both researchers and physicians.
  • Protecting on-premise and cloud-based technology with security best practices.

CompuCom has extensive experience serving North American healthcare organizations on the forefront of research and patient care. We deliver solutions and services that enable providers to optimize their return on technology investments. 

Healthcare Solutions Fact Sheet

Healthcare Security Fact Sheet
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