Innovation Delivery Framework

Change is a certainty in today’s competitive business climate. IT organizations must continually assess how well the services they provide align with the changing needs of the business. Recognizing opportunities created by changes in the business environment is difficult – the real challenge many organizations face is balancing day-to-day operations with the need to efficiently incorporate the changes required by the business.

Most organizations find it challenging to properly categorize and prioritize the initiatives required to achieve their business goals and implement them at a pace that aligns with their cultural ability to absorb change. CompuCom has seen many clients attempt to implement change at a pace that their culture simply wasn’t prepared to absorb. The issue is further compounded by the fact that businesses and their end users expect IT to deliver services that:

  • Adapt to evolving business strategies.
  • Provide the right services to the right user at the right time.
  • Continually increase the quality of services delivered.
  • Bolster employee productivity and collaboration.
  • Align IT processes for greater efficiency across the enterprise.
  • Lower costs while maintaining or improving service delivery.
  • Adhere to regulatory obligations imposed on the business.

CompuCom has developed the Innovation Delivery FrameworkTM (IDFTM) that identifies the changes our clients need to implement in order to align IT with their business. IDFTM also helps our clients manage the required change with minimal end-user impact. While it is vital to properly scope the baseline for existing IT services, it is just as important to align our clients to a process for how services will change over time. We approach change and its potential impacts through a business-aligned strategic roadmap that we collaboratively develop with our clients. This allows the necessary changes to take place at a pace that the business can absorb.

Innovation Delivery Framework

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