Intel Case Study on CompuCom

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CompuCom clients include large enterprises with complex operating environments—multiple divisions with different support structures, compliancy requirements, and security restrictions. To manage these nearly 5 million desktops, CompuCom created the EU Orchestrator, which integrates Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) and Intel® vPro Technology. CompuCom can now rapidly identify and remediate device problems remotely and securely across the enterprise: EU Orchestrator* delivers remote, state of the art problem solving to save customers time, money and productivity. Intel SCS delivers a flexible, modular, cross-platform service that saves the cloud provider time and resources, improves discovery, and significantly increases provisioning success.


  • Discover more systems in the environment, with enough details to accurately determine their status, even when systems are out of band.
  • Speed up and increase the success rate of remote provisioning.
  • Reduce resource requirements for deployment and troubleshooting.


  • Intel Setup and Configuration Software, integrated with the CompuCom EU Orchestrator for an end-to-end solution for managed services.
  • Key Intel technologies, such as Intel vPro technology and Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).


  • Augmented discovery, with the ability to obtain over 50 types of data from Intel vPro platforms and use that information to customize customer interfaces.
  • Faster provisioning and higher success rates, with the ability to immediately identify and resolve issues that previously would have stopped a provisioning process.
  • Greater flexibility to provision complex environments, create custom profiles, and meet individual client needs.


Intel Case Study on CompuCom

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