Mobility and Device Services Fact Sheet

Secure, Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Devices

Consumer technology advancements are putting more and more computing and processing power in smaller and smaller footprints. Smartphones, tablets, wearables, and 2-in-1s are enabling your employees to access your information from just about anywhere – whether or not you’ve provided or even approved their chosen device. That access can be beneficial to the users’ productivity and efficiency – but it can also open up your organization to risks and threats you never imagined in your traditional data center or end-user support models. It’s time to update your strategy with a program that lays the groundwork for efficient access to enterprise applications and data while minimizing security risks and management costs.

CompuCom can help you develop a mobility strategy that provides a good end-user experience, as well as a holistic governance structure that allows you to effectively support and manage the devices your end users are using – whether you’ve issued them or your employees use their own device. Our Mobility & Device Services provide a framework for securely incorporating and managing any device type – from smartphones and tablets to thin clients, laptops and desktops – into your sanctioned IT environment.

Our approach lets you source any device or service from initial procurement through final disposition. We have combined our industry and operational knowledge with our proven methodology and management tools in a wide variety of client environments. You’ll be able to modernize your end-user services while seamlessly integrating and adapting to your mobility requirements. Our Mobility & Device offering also integrates with our complete suite of End-User Enablement solutions to help you address the entire spectrum of end-user and customer needs around devices, applications, and mobility.

Mobility & Device Services include:

  • Provisioning
  • Hardware Management
  • Operating Environment Management
  • Depot & Disposition

Mobility and Device Services Fact Sheet

Mobility and Device Services Fact Sheet Thought Paper
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