Network Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T

Maximize Communication and Collaboration. Benefit from “Any-to-Any” Connectivity.

Organizations with multiple locations face challenges in securely connecting numerous sites to a seamless network with consistent performance capabilities. For many, the issue is finding a single service provider who will respond to all the problems that can occur and manage the overall performance of the network. When organizations have different vendors or systems integrators providing carrier services, equipment, and Internet services, the additional complexity can lead to issues and impact resolution times. Multiple providers can also translate into multiple contracts to manage, inefficient billing processes, and added administrative concerns.

CompuCom Network Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T takes an integrated approach to the network lifecycle and carrier services to offer you a truly complete, single-source network solution. It’s a solution that can save you money, improve availability, and enable right-size bandwidth and technologies that meet end-user and business needs. We improve the time, money, and complexity of contracting the multiple components necessary to deliver reliable services in a manner that eliminates handoffs, resulting in shorter resolution periods.

Now you can maximize the way your distributed network communicates and collaborates, and benefit from “any-to-any” connectivity with quality of service backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs). To help you see the benefits of your Virtual Private Network (VPN) transport services, we provide online access to traffic summary reports that track access line utilization as a percentage of the available bandwidth. Daily graphical reports display the inbound and outbound traffic profile in 15-minute increments (except for usage-based increments), as well as peak and average statistics for the day. We also provide weekly and monthly reports displaying the inbound and outbound traffic profile, and peak and average statistics for the selected reporting period.

With Network Access, you can:

  • Deploy a network solution that incorporates the right products and services for wireline, mobile, and telephony
  • Utilize pre-integrated, ready-to-deploy network toolsets and best practices
  • Evaluate network performance metrics in near real-time
  • Establish capacity trending of both circuits and devices to glean the insights necessary to prioritize traffic, purchase the right bandwidth, and avoid capacity shortfalls
  • Simplify network management with easy-to-use Web-based reporting
  • Secure access and follow security best practices using role-based access control.

Network Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T

CompuCom Network Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T Fact Sheet Thought Paper
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