Optimizing Omnichannel Commerce through Retail Store Deployment

Consumers demand seamless, superior service across channels. Retail stores remain the foundation of that experience. But to integrate channels and meet customer expectations, you need to deploy the most effective retail store technology — quickly and successfully, without revenue-robbing downtime.

Meet Maria. Like many consumers, she shops across multiple channels.
Over breakfast, she gets an email on her tablet from her favorite retailer. On the train to work, she browses the retailer’s e-commerce site on her smartphone. She adds an item to her cart but decides she wants to see the product at the retailer’s store on her way home. A few days after she “showrooms,” she buys the product online and has it shipped to the store for pickup.

Sound familiar? It should. Because the majority of consumers now shop this way. And it’s true for all companies that serve consumers, from fashion brands and drugstore chains to grocery stores and bank branches.

Your customers interact with your brand through online, mobile, call-center and brick-and-mortar channels. They expect seamless movement and consistent, satisfying service across all those channels. Yet the retail store remains the foundation of that experience.

Because the store is so central, you need the right technology in your stores to integrate channels and serve customers effectively. And when you launch a new location or refresh an existing store — or hundreds of stores — you can’t afford to have your operations offline for long. You need your new equipment up and running quickly and effectively.

Download the Optimizing Omnichannel Commerce through Retail Store Deployment point of view to learn more.

Optimizing Omnichannel Commerce through Retail Store Deployment

Omnichannel Experience for Retail Store Deployments PDF
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