Program Management Services

Providing the Resources to Succeed

For IT providers, delivering contracted services at the agreed upon level of performance is merely the point of entry. To truly add value to a client’s organization, service providers must deliver an established level of thought leadership and innovation along with excellent service. Choosing an experienced service management partner who brings flexibility and focus to priorities such as improving processes, saving time, and implementing new technologies can free up internal resources for mission-critical, revenue-generating initiatives. Providers that make sure delivery streams are tightly aligned with strategic business objectives offer value beyond the services they supply.

With CompuCom, you can count on quality services that reduce most escalations, enabling you to refocus limited resources on strategic growth initiatives. CompuCom Program Management Services provide optimal, high-quality delivery of the work you’ve requested and at the most efficient price. Additionally, we make sure the scope of the contract remains aligned with your business requirements as they evolve over time.

CompuCom’s solution supports all of your current and future program management needs. From on-demand IT workforce resources to governance and optimization services, our offerings are always synchronized with your business and operational goals. CompuCom Program Management Services integrate with our complete suite of Service Experience Management solutions, as well as our Cloud Technology Services and End-User Enablement offerings, to help you offer a reinvented, personalized service experience that speeds resolution time, optimizes end-user productivity, and reduces overall support costs.

With CompuCom Program Management Services, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver a predictable, reliable, and exceptional end-user experience through governance of IT services
  • Complete critical projects on schedule and on budget
  • Analyze and optimize services as business needs change over time
  • Speed issue resolution and reduce or eliminate most escalations
  • Free limited resources to focus on strategic business initiatives

Program Management Services

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