Reinventing the Service Experience

A Progressive, End-to-End Approach to Service Experience Management

Today’s organizations recognize just how critical service experience management is to enabling long-term success. As end users demand more channels to better support services, implementing the right service experience model has become essential to organizational productivity and employee satisfaction. What businesses need today is an end-to-end service experience management capability that not only enhances the level of customer service that end users receive, but also brings the service experience into the mobile age.

“Technology is king” has been a business catchphrase for the past two decades, but the service experience — how end users actually experience their technology and the associated support they receive — has been less than ideal and increasingly more costly. Organizations have tried, with limited long-term success, to reduce their costs by moving support services offshore or by reducing the level of support offered altogether. And end users have responded — by shopping around and even paying out-of-pocket to receive a heightened and more personal level of service.

High-speed Internet access and connected mobile devices are the norm, and more end users are demanding an always-on, access-anywhere way of working. They want a superior customer service experience — at work and at home. Meanwhile, IT departments are expected to provide access to, and support for, an expanding range of new devices – while delivering the ideal end-user experience. IT needs to integrate those devices into the corporate infrastructure and maintain alignment with business objectives, without compromising security.

Technology providers are continually challenged to simplify processes, provide faster and broader access to information, and help create innovative solutions. Management is demanding greater visibility into the cost and ROI of shifting to this new model. And, cost reduction is a near-universal priority.  The result is that organizations sometimes lose track of what’s most important — the customer. By developing an end-to-end service experience management capability, organization can enhance customer service levels while bringing the service experience into the mobile age.

The Challenge of Meeting the Demand for Mobility
Increasingly the key to end-user satisfaction lies in the ability of IT to provide users with the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. IDG Research recently polled senior IT leaders and the findings revealed the gap between wanting to accommodate end-users’ desire for mobility and actually making it happen. 71% of respondents see mobile as transformational or strategic, yet only 18% have a comprehensive mobility strategy.

Providing the tools end-users want may be lagging because:  61% of applications are either custom-built or require heavy tweaking, yet half of all enterprises don’t have mobile developers on staff to build or tweak those applications.

Reinventing the Service Experience

Reinventing the Service Experience Thought Paper
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