Retail IT & Store Growth

Best Practices that Promote Revenue

If a new store is not open on schedule, it does not generate revenue — it’s that simple.

Opening on schedule and on budget is the responsibility of many teams — facilities, hiring and training, inventory stocking and much more. But today, a large component in opening a new store or refreshing technology in existing locations is tightly focused on IT resources and IT leadership.

IT must deliver the right equipment, configured correctly, at exactly the right time for installation, testing and employee training. If any of these tasks falls behind schedule or are unsuccessful, there will be an impact on revenue and a loss of connection with the customer.

The adage that states “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” is nowhere more true than in retail. One poor customer experience can close the door on not only a single purchase, but also a potential future revenue stream.

If business requirements call for 500 refreshes in three months, could your existing company resources complete more than five stores per night and be ready to open on schedule in the morning?

When retail IT is executed with best practices and templates tailored to specific store requirements, it can make all the difference in creating continual revenue streams through optimizing the customer experience in new facilities. Retail store systems must be reliable, installed and operable on schedule and consistent in performance. If networks, computers and applications are not working in harmony, the store’s revenue is reduced or halted entirely.

With the complexity of opening one retail store understood and fully documented by the IT organization, what happens when the business wants to open 10 locations in different geographic locations concurrently?

This paper will examine the critical IT requirements of retail openings and refreshing existing stores, and how the process can be coordinated and managed successfully and consistently.

Retail IT & Store Growth

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