School Modernization Fact Sheet

CAIR (Construction Analysis Innovation Roadmap) provides in-depth information on students and faculty whereabouts.

Education Needs to Keep Pace with Technology

The average school building in the U.S. is over 44 years old1 - designed long before internet, mobile devices, or modern threats. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than halfof public schools report they need to spend money on their school buildings to bring them up to good condition2.

CompuCom Education Solutions

We help you pick specific solutions and offer a wide range of education technology including:

  • Classroom collaboration with automation thatincludes interactive screens, integration with mobile devices, and dynamic online/remote learning.
  • Security/safety automation with real-time intelligence, one-button alerting, and remote class-room door locking.
  • Best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.
  • A/V and meetings, including access control, displays, video conferencing, and room reservations.
  • Climate/environment monitoring and control.
  • Connectivity/components networked over IP.
  • Communications including, voice/data, intercom/paging, wireless, and network infrastructure.

1 State of Our Schools
2 Designing Classrooms to Maximize Student Achievement


School Modernization Fact Sheet

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