School Safety Fact Sheet

Education Technology Solutions

Legacy systems and old technology infrastructure within schools inhibit innovation and modernization. From K-12, through higher education, CompuCom® helps schools keep pace with advances in technology by modernizing their environment and building a scalable foundation that leads to new technologies including collaboration, safety, and security.

Safety and Security, The New Norm

The concerns around safety and security in and around our schools has taken center stage. CompuCom believes in the importance of technology solutions that provide another level of security and safety for teachers, students and administrators.

We provide a suite of safety and security solutions that provide schools with options including:

  • The ability to alert the staff and authorities at the touch of a button
  • The capability of locking all doors with the touch of a button
  • Immediate location of any danger or threat
  • Lighting that automatically changes within each hallway to signify “safe” (green) or “avoid” (red)
  • Centralized and automated operations, like locking all building doors, which saves two to four hours a day on formerly manual tasks
  • Actionable intelligence and incident reporting
  • Single pane of glass view of all school operations that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime from a mobile application

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School Safety Fact Sheet

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