Self Healing Technology Fact Sheet

Detect, Report & Remediate Device Issues Automatically

Technology is mission critical to the delivery of your customer’s experience. Whether your devices are used to deliver patient care, open a bank account, or transact business on point-of-sale (POS) systems– it’s important that your technology operates seamlessly, and your employees and customers are not impacted.

When any end user device fails, it has a significant impact on the bottom line, employee productivity and customer loyalty. According to an ITIC study, 60 minutes of downtime costs 81% of organizations over $300,000.

With stakes this high, you need a solution that limits downtime and automatically resolves issues quickly before they disrupt your business.

Imagine Technology That Heals Itself

CompuCom® Self Healing Technology solution uses endpoint-automation to monitor device performance, detect, diagnose, and resolve issues without end-user intervention. Monitoring agents are installed on each end-user device to make sure your technology is working for you, not against you. This not only reduces the time and cost of support, but also frees up employees to focus on what matters most – your business.

Make the Most of Your Technology

A pre-emptive and automated approach to service and support reduces downtime, mitigates the need for costly technician visits, and resolves small issues before they grow into full scale emergencies. By modernizing your operations and adopting advanced incident resolution, your business heals itself, and you’re better equipped to provide a great customer experience.

Self Healing Technology Fact Sheet

Self Healing Technology PDF
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