Solution Café Overview

Transforming the IT Support Experience

Like IT consumers, business users have embraced mobile technology in a big way. Across industries and functions, more and more work gets done on growing range of devices.

A New Era for IT Support
Many of those devices are personal smartphones and tablets that employees bring to work with them. Even laptops are becoming smaller and more versatile in order to accommodate today’s mobile end user. What’s more, the consumerization of IT means today’s users demand easy-to-use hardware and software — plus fast, friendly support to go along with them.

These trends are placing new demands on IT support in the enterprise. Today’s users have new needs — and escalating expectations. They demand device-specific support, consumer-level convenience and flexible options for how they receive IT service. When it suits them, they even desire face-to-face interaction with a knowledgeable support technician.

That’s why your organization needs Solution Café®, CompuCom’s innovative walk-up service center solution.

Solution Café represents a revolutionary new approach to IT support. One that places the user at the center of the support experience and actually “rebrands” IT support as up-to-date, responsive and customer-focused.

Key Benefits of Solution Café

  • Increased end-user satisfaction
  • Optimized employee productivity
  • More effective deployment of IT support
  • Better IT cost management
  • Stronger alignment between business & IT

Take the Next Step
CompuCom leads the market in designing and delivering walk-up service centers that offer on-demand and scheduled services in a convenient, consumer environment. Solution Café offers significantly faster problem resolution, a more satisfying experience for employees and more effective alignment between business and IT.

Your next step in realizing the advantages of Solution Café in your own organization? A no cost discovery workshop where you can identify gaps, set goals and determine the specific implementation of Solution Café that’s right for you.

Contact us to learn more about CompuCom Solution Café and the rest of our comprehensive IT services offerings.

Solution Café Overview

Solution Café Thought Paper
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