Walk-up Service Centers Point of View

Expanding IT’s Business Value

The consumerization of IT and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement are driving organizations to look for ways to support end users with the same technology services they utilize as consumers. To keep pace, organizations are seeking an affordable support model that can restore employee trust in IT. Walk-up service centers offer that much-needed alternative – enhancing the end-user experience, reducing the burden on traditional IT services, and giving organizations improved control over the types of devices employees are purchasing.

What are Walk-Up Service Centers?
Primarily located on corporate campuses with more than 1,000 employees, walk-up service centers are the new alternative to IT service desks.

Walk-up service centers offer an inviting storefront for employees to interact with technical support. Inside the walk-up service center, expert technicians provide support by appointment or on demand. Employees can choose to wait or drop off their devices for hardware repairs, software upgrades and technology refreshes.

Forging a New Path Forward
As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” And, thus, out of necessity a new, cost-effective option for the end user has begun to gain traction. Forward-thinking organizations are increasingly adopting an IT support model that incorporates walk-up service centers. These centers provide an innovative alternative that reinvents IT and restores employee trust in IT services.

With their inviting storefront atmosphere, walk-up service centers encourage end users to seek welcoming technical support and advice. Employees also have the opportunity to see and test-drive the latest approved products and peripherals, available at affordable prices. Employees receive the fast, convenient, personalized service experience they’ve come to expect in the consumer marketplace, and IT is able to provide that experience at a reasonable cost.

For IT departments, walk-up service centers help streamline service provision and reduce the number of incidents handled by service desks or deskside support technicians. The walk-up option also encourages greater interaction between IT and end users, making it easier to maintain alignment between business needs and IT capabilities, even as those needs evolve.

Walk-up Service Centers Point of View

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