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Is your IT infrastructure growing more complex, dynamic, and mobile? If so, then you are probably exploring new ways to protect your vital systems, business processes, and data from malicious attacks and inadvertent system failures.

With a primary focus on system uptime and business enablement, CompuCom’s managed infrastructure protection, monitoring and response services leverage advanced management and security tools to offer a unified and integrated protection strategy across the enterprise. 

Our Managed Infrastructure Protection services provide proactive 24x7 monitoring and reporting against any unwanted or malicious activities such as denial of service (“DoS”) attacks, malware and intrusions.  In the event that an unwanted activity does occur, CompuCom provides mitigation services to quickly address and correct the damages. CompuCom services include:

CompuCom Services Include

Device Operating Status and Maintenance: Health, availability and performance monitoring along with preventative maintenance and updates (OS revisions, security patches and signature updates).

Analytics: Normalization and prioritization of device event log data, including client notification, remediation recommendations and flexible reporting with on-line dashboards and downloadable report content.  Reporting for specific governance/compliance initiatives (e.g. PCI, SoX, GLBA, HIPAA-HiTech, etc.).

24x7x365 Escalation: Monitoring by trained security analysts and engineers who coordinate with device manufacturers, on-site resources and ownership of break/fix activities through device restoration.

Based on our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM®) framework, our comprehensive set of IT network security services for infrastructure protection, monitoring and response help CompuCom’s clients maintain, measure, and continuously improve their security strategy and risk profile.

Amidst today's accelerating demands on enterprise infrastructures and increasing threats to business security, let us help you protect and maintain your critical network infrastructure. Contact Us.

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