SNOW CompuCom Self Service Portal

Our portal was built from ground up with the mobile and tablet interfaces being our first priority. This puts the power in your user’s hand. Users can:

  • View and update incidents
  • Respond to their approvals
  • Search and view Knowledge articles
  • Keep track of their orders/requests

Incident Card

Placing the most important facts about an incident at your users fingertips. Users can see their latest incident updates without the need to navigate to the incident form. However, if they wish to do so, they can do it by simply clicking on the incident number.

Approver Card View

Just like incidents, a simple look reveals all the facts about an approval. Clicking on the approval number will simply take you to a form where you can review the detail of the record you are approving and approve/reject right from your smartphone.

Requester Card View

No need to navigate to a form to find out what the status of your request is on that new MacBook that you are anxiously waiting to receive. Review your order status right from the card view.

Why Choose CompuCom?

CompuCom has been a ServiceNow partner since 2006. In addition, we’ve helped more than 100+ clients deploy ServiceNow. Our GoLiveNow accelerators for ServiceNow set-us apart from the competition and help clients go fast and maximize ROI.

Whether you're considering a new service management platform or integrating existing investments, find out how CompuCom's ITIL-certified service delivery experts can assist you in meeting your support objectives.

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