IT Walk-up Service Centers White Paper

Optimizing Satisfaction and Productivity

If you’re a mobile worker with multiple devices — a laptop, a smartphone and maybe even a tablet — chances are you need your devices to work together and allow you to easily access key applications. When it comes to configuring your devices, which would you rather do? Call the service desk and work through a complex series of steps over the telephone? Or meet face-to-face with a technical support expert, who specializes in mobile technology, to quickly resolve your technology issues?

If you’re like a growing number of users, you might prefer the real-time, face-to-face option, at least in certain situations. The traditional service desk can be highly effective in supporting desktop devices, applications and connectivity issues. But users increasingly want an in-person support option that is similar to what they receive for their personally owned devices. And many mobile devices lack remote diagnostics, which means the traditional service desk can’t always provide adequate support for handheld devices.

That’s why more and more IT organizations are rolling out walk-up service centers. In fact, Gartner estimates that 50 percent of large enterprises will offer walk-up services within the next three years.

Walk-up service centers promise to offload traditional service desks, significantly improve user satisfaction and, ultimately, increase employee productivity. But to get the most from walk-up service centers, you need to implement them carefully, operate them effectively and measure the right results.

What are IT Walk-Up Service Centers?
IT walk-up service centers are on-campus, in-person facilities where employees can stop by to get help with their IT equipment. Walk-up service centers specialize in supporting technology devices the end user carries — smartphones, tablets and laptops. Inside the walk-up service center, technical experts offer on-demand or by-appointment support for issues like hardware repairs, technology refreshes and software upgrades. Employees can choose to wait for their devices, or drop them off for later pickup.

IT Walk-up Service Centers White Paper

IT Walk-up Service Centers Thought Paper
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