Asset LifeCycle Management

Expert Coverage from Procurement Through Disposal

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

New technology and operating systems are constantly flowing into the workplace. Provisioning, managing and supporting PCs, Macs, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and print devices can be overwhelming — and consume critical resources that could be devoted to other projects.

To overcome these challenges and maximize ROI, you need a comprehensive strategy for managing your technology assets throughout their life cycle. And you need a trusted vendor with the experience, skills and resources to execute upon that strategy.

Asset Life Cycle Services

From Cradle to Grave

Here's a look at how our Asset LifeCycle Management service covers your IT assets from procurement to disposal and everywhere in between.

Procure and Provision

  • CompuCom oversees the procurement of the right hardware and software for your needs, including lease and lease return management.
    - We have a well-defined, mature provisioning process to fulfill your product orders in a timely, cost-efficient and accurate fashion.
    - In addition, we're accountable, proactive and capable of providing valuable advice and management services for all your technology needs, freeing you to concentrate on achieving your business objectives.
Infographic: Configuration Facilities
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