Persona Service Management

Shift from Managing Devices to Managing End Users

Your employees have grown accustomed to having always-on access to information, applications and entertainment in their personal lives, and now they're increasingly expecting the same flexibility from enterprise systems. How well is your IT department addressing this challenge?

An effective response requires striking a delicate balance. On one hand, you must give end users timely access to the tools they need to be productive. On the other, you must keep costs under control while meeting security and compliance requirements.

What are personas?

Understanding Personas and Their Value

In their simplest form, personas group end users by a set of common characteristics, such as:

  • Role and function
  • Security access
  • Level of responsibility
  • Approved devices and applications
  • Support level required
Persona Service Management Factoid

Driving Continuous Improvement

CompuCom Persona Service Management integrates with the rest of our suite of End-User Services to help you address the full spectrum of end-user needs around devices, applications and mobility.

Our unique approach begins with persona modeling. Unlike typical IT shops, we don't force fit end users into predefined groups. Rather, we define custom, detailed personas by identifying end-user needs with a proven framework for collecting, aggregating and analyzing disparate data sets. Building each persona involves using the voice of the customer from both focus groups and surveys, and tracking more than 150 attributes.

Company Support Portal

Digital Engagement

Through CompuCom Digital Engagement, we develop and deliver portals that transform how your end users interact with CompuCom throughout the technology life cycle. We leverage information gathered by our Persona Service Management engine to create a personalized, consumer-like experience that far exceeds what you'd typically find in a business IT delivery setting.

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