Shawn Fields

Vice President of Client Innovation
Shawn Fields, VP of Client Innovation
1. Do the right thing. 2. Do what you say you’re going to do. 3. Do a little bit better tomorrow than you did today.

What is your role at CompuCom?
I’m the Vice President of Client Innovation. In that role, I lead the CompuCom Client Center of Excellence (CICoE), and our charter is to drive innovation in our client base. Using the Innovation Delivery Framework (IDF), we help our clients initially identify the innovation they need to pursue and then subsequently implement those improvement projects in order to drive value for their business. Our practice averages about a 3:1 return on investment for our clients.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I have five children – all boys – with two wonderful daughters-in-law, and a new granddaughter named Chloe.

What are some key achievements at CompuCom?
I was initially brought in as a Senior Solution Director to help build and deliver our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM) offering. I have been fortunate to have been associated with great leadership and coworkers in all of my roles at CompuCom, and they’ve enabled me not only to do my job, but also to pursue other projects that helped deliver value to our clients. These included the first full-scale delivery of IDF for a client and then helping to develop a market-competitive pricing model using ProBenchmark. Another project involved working with a team of two other associates at another client to help deliver a Persona Modeling project, where we developed and refined a lot of the intellectual property that’s being used in that practice today. I also got to work on GWA 2.0 a year-and-a-half long project where we completely restructured the Global Workspace Alliance to be more conducive to today’s global business environment. I’ve also served as the Vertical Sales lead in a recent strategic project, where all service delivery was moved to our business units, to allow even greater service and innovation to clients.

What are your interests?
I try to keep fit by running and doing CrossFit. I also officiate amateur wrestling at the high school level and like to get away on my motorcycle to really clear my head.

What motivates you at work?
Solving problems. Nothing makes me happier than listening to a client’s challenges, and then finding a way to solve them. Today, that means finding a way to help business innovate – whether transforming their business or just improving what they’re doing – in a way that helps them produce the outcomes they need to be successful.

What is your favorite place in the world?
The beach. Nothing beats a long run barefoot on the beach while the sun is coming up in the morning.

Why did you choose to work at CompuCom?
I was on the road five days a week with Alsbridge as an outsourcing advisor – leaving on Monday mornings and coming back on Friday nights. The work was very interesting, but the travel schedule was brutal. A former associate at CompuCom called and spoke to me about coming on board to help build the IIM practice – the work sounded very interesting and the win-win was that it got me off the road. It turns out that it was a very good career decision all round.

Share a little about your background.
After a stint in the Marines straight out of high school, I worked full-time and went to college to earn a degree in Computer Science. After graduating, I got a job as an RPGII programmer on an IBM System 36, where I wrote a complete shop floor control system for a manufacturing company while attending graduate school to get my MBA at night and on weekends. Since that time, I’ve been pretty much a “channel rat” – spending time at MicroAge, Inacom, GEITS, Siemens and CompuCom with one managed services startup and a stint as an outsourcing advisor (Alsbridge) thrown in for good measure. My roles have included presales, sales, delivery and operations with continually increasing levels of responsibility.

What drives you in life – what are you most passionate about?
The answer to this isn’t really one thing, but a series of things. Life is short, and all of us have different aspects of our life that we contribute to – our career is only one of them.  Steven Covey probably summarized the philosophy I try to live by years ago in his classic, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” when he said we should all strive to focus on the 4 Ls – to Live, Love, Learn and Leave a legacy.

What is the best part of working at CompuCom?
Definitely the associates and their passion for our clients. I love the fact that our reputation with our clients is that we will always do whatever it takes to make things right.


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