What We’ve Learned from Airline Data Center Disasters

August 23, 2016 | Post by Hannah Shuler | 0 Comments

These steps may help protect your business from a data center failure.

Airline Data Center

How important is it for companies to have reliable servers in the data center? You probably heard about a major American airline’s recent data center fiasco – a computer system failure and fire that left more than 2,000 flights canceled over the course of a week. The airline was left in a PR crisis and lost millions of dollars. And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an airline has suffered damages from IT issues, as other commercial airlines have dealt with the flight cancellation consequences of data center failures. This is every company’s worst nightmare: after a power outage, the backup generators failed in a fire, causing data loss, unsecured servers and a reboot of 500 servers – which in this case, were all housed in an on-premise data center.

This could happen to any company with servers that host crucial workload and secured data. The data is highly vulnerable and susceptible to attacks and data breaches. But when a failure like this happens, what can you do?

  • Proactive Protection – Housing servers is no longer a risk that an organization needs to take. With the abundance of cloud options available, in-house servers are increasingly seen as more of a risk than necessary. A variety of cloud options and outsourced data center management are avoiding the need for complex IT expertise to manage servers in-house or in a co-location, and decrease the chance of detrimental disasters.
  • Optimize Full Use of Infrastructure – Along with having professional expertise to manage your data center system, cloud options available today also free up an organization’s IT team to refocus on strategic business initiatives. Not only will data center management take on the routine tasks, it will optimize performance and capacity of servers and manage patches and updates to keep your data center running effortlessly.
  • Moving Away from the Data Center – Along with moving your data to the cloud – whether that is private, public or hybrid – relying on cloud and data center management solutions can be a success factor to avoid data center disasters. Bringing in professional experts that are trained to respond quickly and remediate disasters can reduce the down time of servers with more effective remediation strategies and efficient use of resources.

What is your company’s strategic plan to guard against data center failures? Please feel free to comment and share your experiences.

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