The Power of One: IT Asset Disposition Partner Consolidation

September 19, 2016 | Post by Jeff Hickey | 0 Comments

IT Asset Disposition Partners

At some point, your organization will need to get rid of outdated IT assets. Whether you’re closing a data center, moving an office or upgrading your devices, safe and effective IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) should be a priority. After all, you don’t want your company making newspaper headlines for leaked data due to a mishap in removing your assets.

There are plenty of recyclers who will take your assets away, and others that will remarket or resell them. You have many choices when it comes to providers that offer a single service, or you could bundle up services from many of them to get the job done.

However, there are numerous benefits of working with a single partner from start to finish. Working with a single partner is generally more cost-effective, convenient, secure and reliable. These are the top five reasons why you should consider consolidating your ITAD partners into one single provider.  

  1. Gain transparency throughout the entire process
    ITAD is more than just digital destruction. At a high level, components include removing the assets, managing the pickup, transporting, processing, data wiping, recycling, managing the liquidation process and transferring the proceeds. Working with a single partner lends visibility into the entire process. Your partner should be able to provide detailed tracking and reporting of the status of your assets along the way, for full auditability to ensure your organization stays protected from any potential threats.
  2. Save time and reduce logistics risk
    With numerous moving pieces, it should be no surprise that working with multiple partners involves significant coordination — such as managing pickup and receiving parties, multiple purchase orders and certificates of destruction. You’ll save time and reduce many potential risks with one partner overseeing the ITAD process.
  3. Avoid finger pointing and have your partner take ownership
    Here’s a senario to consider: a technician claims he wiped the data off your old machines (but there’s no proof it was wiped before being transported), the freight company responsible for moving the assets claims it delivered the assets to your recycling provider, but the recycling provider claims they do not have the asset. Who is responsible for the data on the machines? A single point-of-contact will be your “insurance policy,” meaning that you’ll have one partner to deal with, should anything unplanned occur.

    What it looks like to consolidate your ITAD partners into one single provider
  4. Work with someone who truly understands your business
    Disposing of IT equipment involves more than just recycling hardware.  For example, who is responsible for ensuring assets are removed from your property tax logs, software license management, internal cost accounting, data management (e.g., legal holds on hard drives) and coordination with asset refresh efforts?  

    It’s helpful to partner with a provider who understands your business and is more familiar with how to best engage with you – one that is truly invested in helping you to be successful. The last thing you want is a transaction-based company that mishandles your devices and leaves you at fault.
  5. Save money in the long run
    From transaction to transaction, the cost of working with multiple providers can add up. A partner providing comprehensive ITAD services can offer economies of scale (cost savings from transaction to transaction), asset resell/remarketing to generate a reasonable return to offset disposition costs and a single point-of-contact for all aspects of the process.

By consolidating your ITAD provider into one trusted partner, you’ll end up having a better understanding of each step along the way, shorten time spent and reduce complexities.

Regardless of which provider you decide to engage with, be sure to choose a reputable company that’s well-established, abides by all regulations, and offers detailed tracking and reporting. For best results, select one that is concerned with the well-being of your organization.

If IT Asset Disposition is in your company’s future, begin by reviewing the 10-point preparation checklist.

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