Webcast: Common pitfalls that can keep retailers from optimizing their asset utilization

Whether you are opening a new store, upgrading technology for new initiatives or keeping equipment performing optimally - many people, functions and teams are involved. And, the pressure on IT is greater than ever.

We know ensuring the right IT equipment is available at the right time for the right store is a herculean effort.   

Multiply this over hundreds of locations and you’ve got a massive undertaking that needs to be successfully managed, every day.

Despite rigorous planning, there are still some common pitfalls that can keep retailers from optimizing their asset utilization:

  • Acquiring the right IT Equipment that will integrate with existing systems
  • Getting equipment at the right time, or just in time
  • Allocating sales tax to the correct state
  • Pre-testing of equipment, prior to its  on-site arrival
  • Speed of hardware break/fix and replacement in instances of failure

Watch our webcast to find out how to:

  1. Identify points for existing asset optimization
  2. Understand how IT assets can generate revenue faster
  3. Learn from major retailer case studies

If you’re just starting to think about your retail IT store refresh strategy, perhaps our Store Refresh: five retail IT must knows before you start article will be of some guidance to you.

Watch Our Webcast
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