Innovation Delivery Framework

CompuCom Enables Clients to Innovate, Improve Service Experience, and Optimize Value

Organizations today find it increasingly difficult to introduce innovation made necessary by changes to the business environment or brought about by technological advances. They are challenged in balancing day-to-day operations with the need to respond to the business at a pace that allows them to address their rapidly shifting marketplace.

IT teams are further burdened by organizations transitioning to being true digital workplaces and adopting state-of-the-art intelligent automation (such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence) as well as DevOps, Agile, Lean and other ITSM trends.  

CompuCom offers a proprietary Innovation Management System — the Innovation Delivery FrameworkTM (IDFTM) — to help identify innovation opportunities for clients to more closely align IT with their desired business outcomes. With IDFTM, we collaboratively create a strategic roadmap for services to transform over time, meeting the needs of both the business and the IT organization.

Innvovation Project Lifecycle

Our Strategic Innovation Roadmaps Align Business IT

CompuCom's Innovation Delivery FrameworkTM incorporates innovative change into the very DNA of our client relationships by developing and implementing annual Strategic Innovation Roadmaps.

These roadmaps detail the alignment between our clients’ desired business outcomes and the services required to successfully achieve those results.

Our IDFTM services provide:

5 Steps in the Innovation Delivery Framework
Ideas Equal Innovation

Two Most Important Outcomes of CompuCom’s IDF

Through our Innovation Delivery FrameworkTM, we work with clients to achieve these two key outcomes:

  1. That the innovation opportunities implemented are the right ones for the organization, and that they are correctly aligned with the business outcomes that the client desires.
  2. That clients receive value from our Innovation Plan in terms of service experience and/or a financial return (ROI) that they may use to pay for other innovation opportunities or choose to reinvest in their business (or a combination of the two).

Why CompuCom?


A look at some of the IDF clients CompuCom has helped
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