Going Digital: Is Your Midsized Business Ready?

May 01, 2017 | Post by Jodie Ohr | 0 Comments

SmartDesk Going Digital

“Digital” is a familiar term that means many things to many people. Organizations "go digital" when they embrace a new way of doing business that creates value out of the insight gained from all the data points generated by modern technologies such as mobile interfaces, cloud technologies and data analytics.

The question then becomes, “Is my company ready to go digital?” If you’re part of a midsized business, your organization is in a prime position to embrace a digital transformation. In fact, you probably already use agile work methods to be competitive. Your organization can be even more nimble by outsourcing part or all of your IT desk to facilitate a faster and more comprehensive ramping up to “go digital.” 

Agility is a powerful advantage of midsized businesses

Smaller businesses naturally have a shorter chain of command and minimized organizational complexity, which helps drive more rapid innovation. Midsized organizations can also foster more personal and unique relationships with their customers and employees, creating greater opportunities for collaboration. Combined, the strategic advantages of being part of a midsized business can help you obtain a clearer picture of where your team is today and ultimately how to leverage your business’s agility to embrace a digital future.

Keeping up with competition – a key component of the digital conversation 

Competition is a major driver for going digital. Implementing new technologies enables businesses to keep up with their competitors or surpass them. Some technologies, such as data analytics platforms, help you prevent problems and/or understand how your users consume services, so you can gain deeper insights into their habits and experiences and drive them to lower-cost contact methods. Internal digital transformation initiatives, such as outsourcing your IT service desk, can help improve user experiences while adding to the breadth and depth of your IT team’s skills. This will enable your organization to better focus on implementing digital technologies, giving your business an edge against competitors.  

Consider service desks with a digital focus

According to a recent industry study, IT leaders of midsized organizations agree that shortages of personnel and skills are the biggest obstacles to accomplishing their business goals. Outsourcing IT service desk operations is often a huge help to midsized businesses when implementing digital technologies. Partnering with a reputable company enables your internal teams to remain heads-down on critical tasks and innovation, while taking routine items off their plate. Implementing the right service desk provider can also deepen your organization’s IT skills. 

If you’re “going digital” and searching for a service desk provider, consider one that specializes in digital technologies, such as data analytics and mobile service desk solutions, that can help optimize your business for a digital future. 

How can going digital help your business? Check out the SmartDesk SolutionTM Savings Calculator to find out. Share your results in the comments.

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