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CompuCom System Inc. is bringing its AI, automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to the world of healthcare to help providers automate tech support and decrease ‘downtime’ caused by technology failures. The digital workplace services company, announced Monday, the availability of Self Healing Healthcare, a IT automation and AI service that monitors, detects and resolves the outages and failures of a healthcare company’s devices before they can disrupt patient care or impact business, all without the need for human intervention stated according to the company.

Going digital is a challenge when you are faced 
with old technology. Use your problem-solving 
skills to discover your digital path and learn how 
Managed Workplace Services can help you get there.

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Leveraging emerging technologies is a challenge when key areas 
of your business are not modernized. Learn where to focus your 
Modernization strategy to maintain your competitive edge. 

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Fast track your digital business transformation 
with Managed Workplace Services. Overcome 
common challenges you may face when 
implementing Managed Workplace Services.

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Play the Game: Going digital is a challenge when you are faced with old technology. Use your problem-solving skills to discover your digital path and learn how Managed Workplace Services can help you get there.

Maintain a seamless customer experience with our 
4G Wireless failover internet backup solution.

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IT leaders striving to create new revenue streams should consider 4 foundational changes. Making the shift from operator to innovator and revenue generator is no simple task. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to address this challenge, but there are foundational changes every CIO can make to start delivering digital transformation and creating new revenue streams.

Anecdotes of Device as Service and the 
end user experience. Learn how three 
organizations leveraged DaaS to improve 
productivity with personalized technology.

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Justin Mennen, Chief Digital Officer at CompuCom,
explains how modernizing technology in the workplace 
helps IT leaders better focus on the end user.

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