CompuCom has partnered with AT&T on Network Access, Cloud Access and Mobile Access solutions. The new products and services were developed in collaboration with AT&T through the telecom giant’s AT&T Partner Exchange program.

AT&T and CompuCom are partnering on a new enterprise mobility product that pairs AT&T's wireless voice, data and messaging services with CompuCom's mobility products, mobile management services and strategic lifecycle services. In addition, AT&T and CompuCom are teaming on enterprise network transport services and pay-as-you-go cloud services.

IT professionals have some concerns about security and privacy with the rapid expansion of new technology that is impacting almost every part of people’s lives. A recent survey of 431 IT pros by CompuCom found that cybersecurity is the overriding concern for 44 percent of respondents and privacy issues were a top concern for 28 percent.

IT professionals are apprehensive about security and data privacy as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands. A CompuCom survey found that security and the potential rise in cyberattacks were the top concern for 44 percent of respondents. Data privacy and the risk of exposure of sensitive personal information emerged as a major worry for 28 percent of those polled.

CompuCom was named a Top 10 Outsourcing Service Provider by Information Services Group (ISG), among the leading providers in the Building 10 Sourcing Standouts category for the Americas region, according to the ISG Global Outsourcing Index.

Most new Windows 10 systems come with Intel vPro™ technology, making it simpler to manage and secure desktop and notebook PCs. Tom Vetterani, CompuCom's Vice President of Strategy & Messaging, discusses how managed service providers can leverage Intel vPro to increase profitability and gain other benefits.

There is no question that there is increased popularity among “always-on” associates to use their personal devices for day-to-day responsibilities, yet nearly a third of companies still do not actively support a bring your own device (BYOD) program, according to an online poll from CompuCom.

CompuCom and Getronics announced a long-term partnership to lead the Global Workspace Alliance. As part of a new global strategy, the Alliance will provide a new and comprehensive suite of services for its partners to take to market, providing end users with leading-edge, global workspace solutions. 

CompuCom CTO Sam Gross offers insight on the importance of understanding digital identity and how the demand to bring personal mobile devices to work is challenging CIOs to accommodate end user needs while striking the right balance for the business. 

CompuCom CIO Pam Baxter explains how millennials are sparking a change in how work gets done, as they increasingly collaborate in teams using more technology than prior generations in their day-to-day work

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