IT Asset Disposal

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IT Asset Disposal

Every day, your IT assets grow older. As they near their end of life, your challenge becomes how to dispose of or redeploy these aging assets. And, every day, you contemplate the regulations and restrictions for disposal, the costs involved, the vast number of providers that provide some, but not all, services.

The risks and consequent costs of improper IT asset disposition fall into two main categories: security (e.g. exposure of sensitive corporate data) and environmental such as former corporate IT assets ending up as hazardous material in a landfill.

If you're looking for a simpler approach to asset disposal we can offer you one. 

  • You identify the assets
  • We manage the disposition
  • You reap the benefits

CompuCom receives more than 1,000,000 assets a year for disposal. To handle the volume, we've built a network of facilities, resources, tools, systems, logistics, and partners. We use EPA licensed recycling suppliers, and our national network of downstream processors maintain a wide range of industry certifications including R2, eStewards and NAID. Your assets are transported and processed with security and compliance as our top priorities.

Asset Disposal Services

Asset disposal services include: 

  • Asset de-installation - The decommissioning of hardware from the business environment including disconnecting, unplugging, packaging and physical removal.
  • Data wiping or cleansing Services - All of our services include detailed processes to cleanse materials of any corporate identifying items, wipe hard drives and dispose of materials through environmentally certified processes. We can remove data or software from the hardware devices that store information on PC’s, servers, printers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Logistics - The secure, physical transport of hardware from one location to another. Logistics consists of tracking, packaging, storage, and transportation.
  • Asset refurbishment and recycling - The refurbishment of assets to extend the life of the hardware, making the product available for redeployment within the customer’s environment. Asset Remarketing The resale and/or donation of client assets for shared monetary proceeds or goodwill.

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