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Are you faced with delivering core IT infrastructure while applying a cost-effective on-demand print solution for end-users? Is your IT overburdened with device support and maintenance? To relieve the stress of supporting and maintaining devices such as printers, you need a managed print services solution that increases productivity and improves sustainability.

Several issues contribute to complicating managed print services for IT:

  • Printer abundance without a consumable replenishment process resulting in excess toner
  • A large fleet of aging printers from multiple manufacturers/models
  • Security issues with output devices
  • Demands of driver support and certification
  • Continuing cost cutting initiatives

Maintaining and supporting your devices shouldn’t impact IT productivity. Whether they are printers, desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices, you should be able to support, maintain, and manage them all without slowing down IT. Removing the device service burden from IT can be complicated. Identifying workplace services that affect IT productivity is one thing, finding an efficient and affordable solution that removes that burden is another. 

CompuCom offers comprehensive managed print services that help you control costs, increase productivity, and improve end-user satisfaction. By using our Managed Print Services solution, your organization can:

  • Reduce costs by streamlining consumables, standardizing device manufacturers and models, and eliminating unnecessary printing devices
  • Increase productivity with consolidated billing, preventative printer maintenance, and proactive consumable monitoring
  • Enhance printer security with firmware and configuration management, disk overwrite, and proper disposal of printing devices using hard drives
  • Improve sustainability by defining a recycling process for toner cartridges, and applying energy efficient solutions for paper and printing devices

To simplify your IT servicing needs, CompuCom works with you to:

  • Assess the current state of your managed print services by graphically mapping all assets, collecting current cost data to establish cost of ownership, and analyzing end-user requirements to design future print environments
  • Design an optimized print structure focused on end-user needs and cost efficiency 
  • Install new devices, move/remove existing devices, provide end-user training, and change management collateral
  • Handle configuration, firmware and driver management, continual optimization, and new cost-effective solutions to continually evolve your printing environment

To learn more, contact us for a free appointment with one of our subject matter experts.

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