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Change is the new normal. Mobile device proliferation, pervasive voice and video collaboration, and cloud and data center virtualization are transforming the network as never before. Yet, along with the new opportunities come a host of new challenges. There's the need for higher service levels, assured application delivery, and simplified end user experiences. And all of this while maintaining business continuity and controlling operational expenses.

To address these challenges, IT professionals need a comprehensive solution that enables them to manage the network from a single graphical interface. That solution is Cisco Prime™ Infrastructure. It provides lifecycle management and network service assurance networkwide, from the wireless user in the branch, across the WAN, through the access layer, and now to the data center.

With Cisco Prime Infrastructure, you can speed the deployment of network devices and services. You can find issues sooner and troubleshoot them faster. You can help employees work their own way on their own devices - at any time, and work better with each other - from anywhere. Cisco Prime Infrastructure lets you manage your network more efficiently and effectively so you can achieve the highest levels of wireless and wired network performance, service assurance, and end-user experience.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is network management that connects the network to the device, to the user, to the application - end to end and all in one. Its capabilities permit:

  • Single Pane of Glass Management: Cisco Prime Infrastructure delivers a single, unified platform for Day-0 and Day-1 provisioning and Day-n assurance. It accelerates device and services deployment and helps you rapidly resolve issues that can affect the end-user experience. Minimize the amount of time you spend managing the network so you can maximize the time you spend using it to grow your business.
  • Simplified Deployment of Cisco Value-Added Features: Cisco Prime Infrastructure makes the design and fulfillment of Cisco differentiated features and services fast and efficient. With support for technologies such as Intelligent WAN (IWAN), Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Zone-Based Firewall, and Cisco TrustSec® 2.0 Identity-Based Networking Services, it helps you get the most from the intelligence built in to your Cisco devices as quickly as possible.
  • Application Visibility: Cisco Prime Infrastructure both configures and uses as a source of performance, data embedded Cisco instrumentation, and industry-standard technologies to deliver networkwide, application-aware visibility. These technologies include NetFlow, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR2), Medianet, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and more. The product's unique coupling of application visibility and lifecycle management makes it easier to find and resolve issues by providing insight into the health of applications and services in context of the health of the underlying infrastructure.
  • Management for Mobile Collaboration: Cisco Prime Infrastructure answers the who, what, when, where, and how of wireless access. It includes 802.11ac support, correlated wired-wireless client visibility, unified access infrastructure visibility, spatial maps, converged security and policy monitoring and troubleshooting with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) integration, location-based tracking of interferers, rogues, and Wi-Fi clients with Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) and Cisco CleanAir® integration, lifecycle management, RF prediction tools, and more.
  • Management across Network and Compute: Cisco Prime Infrastructure delivers powerful lifecycle management and service assurance to help you manage and maintain the many devices and services running on your branch, campus, and data center networks. It provides key capabilities such as discovery, inventory, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and administration. With a single view and point of control, it lets you reap the benefits of One Management across both network and compute.
  • Centralized Visibility of Distributed Networks: Large or global organizations often distribute network management by domain, region, or country. Cisco Prime Infrastructure Operations Center lets you visualize up to 10 Cisco Prime Infrastructure instances, scaling your network management infrastructure while maintaining central visibility and control.

What’s New in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2

  • Data Center Management: Offers fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) management and 360-degree views of Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) Series B Blade Servers and Series C Rack Servers, so you can correlate network and compute environments. This release also adds support for the Cisco Nexus® 9000 Series Switches. Your data center is critical to service assurance. Manage it effectively with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
  • Intelligent WAN Management: Radically simplifies the deployment and management of Cisco IWAN devices and services with guided workflows based on Cisco validated designs and best practices. It speeds provisioning for services such as Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) and Performance Routing (PfR) and simplifies quality of service (QoS) configuration and monitoring. The new AVC Work Center discovers and classifies application visibility readiness in network device hardware and software. Now it’s easier and faster to deploy Cisco IWAN devices and services in branch offices and to automatically monitor and manage them.
  • Operations Center: Permits administrators to centrally visualize up to 10 Cisco Prime Infrastructure instances from one console. Its lightweight software architecture provides optimal flexibility. Configuration, asset, client, and event details remain stored with individual instances. Virtual domains allow managers to customize administrator privileges. A central dashboard enables consolidated reporting and centralized alarm management.
  • Converged Access Management: Provides automated, integrated management of your wired and wireless access infrastructure with time-saving tools and templates that ensure consistent configuration and enforcement. Three all-new, easy-to-use configuration templates support the most common deployment scenarios.
  • Platform Updates Supporting the Wireless and Wired Infrastructure:  Adds new and enhanced capabilities that put the user experience first.

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