Dell Software can help you ensure a successful transition to Windows Server 2012, ensuring that you maintain coexistence, so all users remain productive and have continued access to resources throughout the migration.

Their software portfolio spans over every aspect of your Windows Server 2012 project – Prepare, Migrate, Coexist, and Manage – so you can reduce costs, minimize risks and reduce downtime to users during and after your Migration.

ChangeBASE: automates application compatibility testing, remediation, packaging, and virtualization to reduce the risk of migrating.

Enterprise Reporter: is a scalable solution for auditing, analyzing and reporting on the configuration across the enterprise to support business changes or decisions. For a migration, it delivers reports to understand what needs to be moved and what can be trashed. Migration Manager for AD and File Servers allows you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory and File Servers while ensuring coexistence between migrated and unmigrated environments.

ChangeAuditor: tracks, reports and alerts on vital configuration changes to Microsoft® Active Directory® in real time and without the overhead costs of native auditing. It identifies who made what change when, where, and from which workstation.

Recovery Manager for AD: enables to instantly recover the desired AD data in granular if corrupted by a human error as well as hardware or software failures. The Forest Edition enables online delegated restores as well as automates the manual steps required to recover your entire domain or forest.


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