Redefine data center agility with the revolutionary FX architecture. 

With the recent release of the 4-socket FC830 server, quarter-width FC430 server and the high-capacity FD332 storage block, Dell's FX computing portfolio is complete and available for customers to build future-ready infrastructures.  FX configurations are optimized for specific workloads and how the innovative FD332 storage block unlocks new possibilities of density and performance for today's modern workloads, like Big Data and VSAN environments. 

Server blocks powered by latest Intel processors

Server blocks at the heart of the FX converged architecture are powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors. They include:

  • FC430: 2-socket, quarter-width 1U high-density server block with optional InfiniBand configuration
  • FC630: 2-socket, half-width 1U workhorse server block ideal for a wide variety of business applications
  • FC830: Powerful 4-socket, full-width 1U server block for mid-size and enterprise data centers
  • FM120x4: Half-width 1U sled housing up to four separate Intel® Atom® powered single-socket microservers offers up to 16 microservers per 2U (FX2 chassis).
  • The latest FX module releases include the FD332 storage module, and FC830 and FC430 servers.

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