Ambulatory IT Care

A pharmaceutical leader transforms IT support with walk-up services.

pharmaceutical leader transforms IT support
Few sectors face as much fundamental change as healthcare. And it’s not just the result of new regulations such as the Affordable Care Act. Across the globe, new players are entering new markets, with pharmacies providing healthcare services, physician groups offering insurance and insurers experimenting with new compensation models.

Pharma organizations are hardly immune to these forces. Across the board, they’ve been grappling with fierce competition from generic brands, brutal price pressures resulting from a dearth of new blockbuster drugs, and consolidation through literally hundreds of mergers and acquisitions in the past few years.

In the face of these challenges, pharmaceuticals must pursue competitive advantage wherever they can. One way they’re achieving that is through IT outsourcing. And for one market leader, IT outsourcing now includes walk-up service centers that are transforming its approach to end-user support.

Optimizing through Outsourcing

A global research-based pharmaceutical, this organization’s portfolio includes nutrition, medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals designed to improve health and well-being.

The company turned to IT outsourcing with the goal of enabling its internal technology team to focus on differentiating research and business initiatives. While taking advantage of a multivendor sourcing model, it relies on CompuCom®’s innovative service management methodology, strong partnering mentality and competitive pricing.

In particular, CompuCom supports the company’s business goals through several strategic services:

  • Workplace Services: CompuCom supports the pharmaceutical’s end users at campuses across North America. We designed a hybrid model consisting of onsite, dedicated resources and shared-services resources operating from our delivery centers in Louisville, Kentucky; Toronto, Ontario; and Pune, India.
  • Business Continuity: Robust business continuity is an imperative for pharmaceuticals, which can afford neither business interruptions nor the loss of intellectual property. CompuCom has significantly improved the company’s disaster-recovery and business continuity effectiveness.
  • Special Projects: We also partner with the company to execute a broad range of special projects that address evolving IT needs. For example, CompuCom managed a Windows 8 deployment across the organization’s main campus — completed within budget and in record time.

Solution Café®: Brewing Business Benefits

Most recently, this market leader has transformed IT support for its employees by embracing walk-up services, turning to CompuCom to implement our Solution Café IT walk-up service centers at five major campus locations.

Solution Café gives the company’s end users fast, easy access to on-demand, walk-up technical support. Inside the Solution Café, technical experts deliver support for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. They provide troubleshooting, answer end-user questions and handle hardware repairs, technology refreshes and software upgrades. For more complex issues, the Solution Café seamlessly escalates incidents for prompt resolution.

The benefits have been tangible to both IT and end users. The Solution Cafés have better integrated the company’s IT support environment and reduced IT support costs. The company also reports improved service levels and response times along with higher levels of end-user satisfaction and productivity.

With Solution Café, IT ensures that it’s getting the most from its technology investments. Employees have a better experience both using their devices and getting them working again when there are problems. Ultimately, the Pharma organizations are better positioned to focus on patient needs — and compete in an industry where every competitive advantage makes a difference.

IT and Business Results

  • Improved service levels and response times
  • Reduced IT support costs
  • Better return on technology investments
  • Greater employee satisfaction and productivity

Ambulatory IT Care


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