Seven Habits of Highly Successful IT Walk-up Service Centers

Getting the most out of your investment.

7 Habits of Highly Successful IT Walk-up Service Centers

Want to get the most out of your investment in walk-up services? CompuCom® recommends these best practices, based on our long history operating service desks and our experience implementing more than 30 walk-up service centers:

  1. Plan carefully: Think about the services you’ll offer. You might retain your traditional service desk for desktop devices and applications, and focus your walk-up services on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Decide whether to offer only break-fix and troubleshooting support or include services such as user training and technology “test drives.”
  2. Select the location: Positioning the facility near a cafeteria gives employees easy access and allows them to stop in during lunch. Dedicating enough space to let employees and technicians interact in a consumer-oriented manner can optimize user satisfaction.
  3. Staff appropriately: Walk-up service experts require knowledge of mobile hardware and software. If you lack the appropriate talent, partner with a service provider that can staff your walk-up service center effectively.
  4. Emphasize customer service: A key reason for investing in walk-up services is to optimize employee satisfaction. Provide a walk-up service center that employees find welcoming and appealing. Deliver walk-up services that employees are eager to use.
  5. Offer flexible engagement and services: Deliver support the way employees want it. When a technician isn’t available in real time, let employees drop off and pick up their devices using secure lockers. Consider allowing employees to register for service by swiping their ID badge. Send an email notification when their device is ready for pickup.
  6. Market your services: Your investment in walk-up services won’t deliver optimal returns if employees don’t know how to use them. Work with your internal communications team to deploy a multi-touch promotional campaign.
  7. Measure your results: Document goals such as a reduction in service desk calls, an improvement in employee satisfaction with IT support, or the ability of technicians to handle a higher number of service tickets. Send automated email surveys after employees receive service to assess their experience.


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